Photo of Professionals at Kramer Shull Reeths LLP
Photo of Professionals at Kramer Shull Reeths LLP
Photo of Professionals at Kramer Shull Reeths LLP

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Experienced Municipal Defense Attorneys

When Wisconsin municipalities, including counties, cities, villages and townships, are sued, they need assertive and knowledgeable defense representation for prompt, effective and comprehensive dispute resolution. We only represent municipalities and their insurers in these claims, so you can be sure that we are working for your best interests and those of similarly situated governmental entities.

As experienced trial lawyers familiar with the regulatory, statutory and procedural framework involved in municipal litigation, the municipal litigation defense attorneys at Kramer Shull Reeths LLP have the resources, knowledge and experience that governmental entities and their agencies need. We defend a wide variety of municipal claims, including tort and negligence claims, civil rights violations, employment discrimination and wrongful discharge claims, and open meetings and public records disputes.

Defense In Torts, Civil Rights Claims And Compliance Issues

Our municipal defense lawyers work hard to provide pragmatic and cost-effective solutions for a wide range of legal disputes. We have built a strong reputation across the state as an experienced team of trial lawyers that provides high-quality defense counsel to municipalities and their agencies in the areas of:

  • Auto accident claims: Our lawyers handle claims involving squad cars, ambulances, fire trucks, snow plows, buses and other municipal vehicles.
  • General negligence and excessive force claims: We represent municipalities in claims involving wrongful arrest, emergency response, negligent supervision, improper maintenance of sidewalks and roadways, and tort claims against law enforcement and safety professionals.
  • Constitutional and civil rights claims: Our lawyers handle Section 1983 and constitutional claims (wrongful arrest, excessive force, freedom of speech, due process etc.), and employment claims (wrongful discharge, discrimination, harassment, etc.).
  • Open meetings and public records compliance: We can help with open government disputes, including compliance errors, Freedom of Information Act issues and open meeting notice violations.

As skilled negotiators and experienced litigators, we provide strategic advocacy and a proven record of results. We have exceptional legal research and writing skills and an extensive record of winning motions for summary judgment and appeals.

Professional, Efficient And Effective

We understand that there is more to municipal defense than simply winning a lawsuit. Efficiency, confidentiality and discretion are also important. Our lawyers have the skill and knowledge for a prompt and favorable resolution. At Kramer Shull Reeths LLP, we provide dedicated counsel that recognizes the unique concerns and challenges that municipalities and their agencies face.

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